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2017 EECS Outstanding Achievement Awards

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The EECS Outstanding Achievement Awards are presented annually to faculty members for their outstanding accomplishments in teaching, research, and service.

The recipients of the 2017 EECS Outstanding Achievement Award are:

EnlargeMarcus Darden
IMAGE:  Marcus Darden

Marcus Darden

For tireless work in improving the quality of instruction, and for helping students to develop a commitment to lifelong learning.


EnlargeAlmantas Galvanauskas
IMAGE:  Almantas Galvanauskas

Prof. Almantas Galvanauskas

For pioneering achievements in fiber laser technology, including the invention and commercialization of the chirally-coupled-core fiber and achievement of record-breaking pulse energies and peak powers from fiber lasers.


EnlargeAtul Prakash portrait
IMAGE:  Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Prof. Atul Prakash

For innovative research in the design of secure systems and for leadership in the development of an undergraduate program in Data Science.


EnlargeEuisik Yoon
IMAGE:  Euisik Yoon

Prof. Euisik Yoon

For outstanding contributions to micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS), and innovative research and leadership in biomedical microsystems and neurotechnology.


Marcus Darden
Almantas Galvanauskas
Atul Prakash portrait
Euisik Yoon
Portrait of Catharine June


Catharine June
ECE Communications and Marketing Manager

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

(734) 936-2965

3301 EECS

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