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ECE welcomes new faculty

ECE is delighted to welcome these outstanding new faculty members to Michigan.| Medium Read
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ECE is delighted to welcome these outstanding new faculty members to Michigan. These faculty broaden and deepen ECE’s areas of expertise in high frequency circuits and systems, power electronics, nanophotonics, and engineering education.


Ehsan Afshari
Associate Professor
PhD, Electrical Engineering, 2006
California Institute of Technology

Ehsan conducts research in the area of high frequency (mm-Wave and Terahertz) circuits and systems for imaging, bio-sensing, and high data rate communication. He also works on low noise RF systems, non-Boolean image processing, and Spin-based circuits. Ehsan currently directs the Ultra-high-speed Nonlinear Integrated Circuit lab at Cornell. He received an NSF CAREER Award, a DARPA Young Faculty Award, and a Cornell Excellence in Teaching award. Ehsan will join the faculty in September, 2016.

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Al-Thaddeus Avestruz
Assistant Professor
PhD, Electrical Engineering, 2015
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Al’s research specialty is in the area of high performance power electronics, with complementary interests in circuits and systems for sensing, electromagnetic systems, feedback and controls, renewable energy, automotive, biomedical devices, and wireless power transfer technology.  He is author of 7 U.S. patents. He has over a decade of industry and entrepreneurial experience and is currently a member of the Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems at MIT. Al will join the faculty in January, 2016.


Parag B. Deotare
Assistant Professor
PhD, Electrical Engineering, 2012
Harvard University

Parag’s research interest lies in understanding and engineering light-matter interaction in nanoscale systems to develop low energy photonic and excitonic devices, for applications in data communication and life sciences. His background broadly spans the area of nanophotonics, excitonics, molecular solids, spectroscopy and nanofabrication. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher working with Prof. Vladimir Bulovic Bulovic at the Organic and Nanostructured Electronics Laboratory at MIT. Parag will join the faculty in January, 2016.

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Cynthia Finelli
Associate Professor
PhD, Electrical Engineering:Systems, 1993
University of Michigan

Cindy conducts research in engineering education, and she currently studies student resistance to active learning, faculty adoption of evidence-based teaching practices, and institutional change. Most recently she was Director of the Center for Research and Learning in Engineering at Michigan.  Prior to joining U-M in 2003, she served as Founding Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Richard L. Terrell Professor of Excellence in Teaching, and Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Kettering University. She is a fellow of the American Society of Engineering Education. Cindy joined the faculty September, 2015.

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