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Robert Ormiston presents 35th AHS Nikolsky Honorary Lecture

Dr. Robert Ormiston, retired U.S. Army Aviation Aeromechanics Chief Scientist, presented an honorary lecture on rotorcraft for the Aerospace Engineering Department.| Short Read
IMAGE:  From left to right: Professor Peretz Friedmann, François-Xavier Bagnoud Professor; Dr. Robert Ormiston; Professor Carlos Cesnik

On March 17, Dr. Robert A. Ormiston, retired U.S. Army Aviation Aeromechanics Chief Scientist, presented the 35th AHS Alexander A. Nikolsky Honorary Lecture: “Revitalizing Research for the Next Generation of Advanced Rotorcraft and Reconsidering the Compound.”

During his extensive and accomplished career with the U.S. Army, Dr. Ormiston conducted and managed research in rotorcraft aerodynamics, aeroelastic stability, structural dynamics, rotor loads and vibration, hingeless and bearingless rotors, CFD/CSD coupling, advanced design concepts, and compound helicopters. He has served on numerous panels and committees for the Department of Defense, NASA, the American Helicopter Society, and AIAA and has published over 100 reports, papers, and journal articles.

In this honorary lecture, Dr. Ormiston presented ideas for advancing rotorcraft, both generally and specifically with compound helicopters. Past research was reviewed, and 10 research and development initiatives were proposed for advancing research in both in conventional and future compound rotorcraft.

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