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How CEE is recruiting the next generation of CEE thought leaders

What was it that sparked your interest in civil and environmental engineering? Was it a family member who built bridges, a camping trip that taught you about water preservation, or a box of Legos?| Short Read
EnlargeEngineering Advising Center’s Majors Fair
IMAGE:  Engineering Advising Center’s Majors Fair

While every path to CEE is unique, those are some of the most common responses that students will share when asked about their decision to major in CEE. But what about those who didn’t grow up camping, or playing with Legos, or looking at local architecture? How can the department reach those who have never before thought about the possibility of an exciting career path in civil and environmental engineering?

The answer is not easy, but the undergraduate recruitment committee, a new departmental committee seeking to boost student enrollments in CEE, has been working hard to reach those potential students.

One of the first moves was to design new materials for the Engineering Advising Center’s Majors Fair on January 21, 2016. This is a fair in which each engineering department at the University of Michigan sets up a booth and hands out brochures for students who are undeclared. This year, the CEE booth stood out with large banners and informative, creative hand-outs designed by Invisible Engines, a local marketing firm.

After spreading the word about CEE at the Majors Fair, the next step was to host an open house. The committee worked with Invisible Engines to design bus ads for the open house, which was held on February 19, 2016. In addition to promoting the event on the Michigan “Blue Bus” fleet, CEE also promoted the event on the website homepage and social media channels. A special page was added to the website where students could register for the open house. This page, called Join Us, earned more than 100 page views and nearly 40 potential students used the page to register for the open house.

At the event, the committee gave a presentation to the prospective students that highlighted a few examples of the research projects they could be a part of, the interesting courses they could take, and where their degree could take them after graduation.  Afterwards, faculty and students engaged with the prospective students to answer their questions and share their own experiences. Many of these conversations ran well past the event time!

We are hoping to see many new faces next fall!

Engineering Advising Center’s Majors Fair
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