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Ari Sandberg wins Mack Essay contest

Aerospace Engineering junior Ariel Sandberg won the Mack Essay Contest from Michigan Engineering's Technical Communications Program for her piece on the politics of aerospace engineering.| Short Read
IMAGE:  Ariel Sandberg

Aerospace Engineering junior Ariel (Ari) Sandberg has been awarded the Mack Essay Award for her piece “The Battle Cry: Taking Space to Capitol Hill”, published last October in the SEDS-UM blog. The Award, presented by the Michigan Engineering Technical Communication Program, was established by the late William H. Mack to honor engineering students for non-technical writing pieces and is awarded annually.

Ari’s piece discusses how, although aerospace engineering discoveries are indisputably valuable by those concentrating in the field, there is an astonishing gap between what engineers know and what the general public knows and believes. She also recounts her trip with Citizens for Space Exploration to Capitol Hill, where she spoke to many members of Congress about these issues.

You can read Ari’s full article here. We invite you to join us in congratulating her on her success!

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