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Professor Gronewold writes Great Lakes article for EOS

Adjunct Assistant Professor Drew Gronewold recently wrote an article for EOS titled, “Water Levels Surge on Great Lakes.”| Short Read

The article states that the recent 2-year surge represents one of the most rapid rates of water level change on the Great Lakes in recorded history, and marks the end of an unprecedented period of low water levels.

“The recent surge in water levels has provided relief to systems and economic sectors stressed by hydrologic extremes,” the article says. “The prolonged period of low water conditions preceding the recent surge, for example, catalyzed demands for new structures designed to reduce flow rates through the St. Clair River and increase water levels on Lake Michigan-Huron [Gronewold and Stow, 2014]; the recent surge has changed the context of the debate over the benefits and the urgency of putting these structures in place.”

Water level forecasts indicate that monthly average water levels are likely to follow their typical seasonal trends at above-average levels.

EOS is a publication of the American Geophysical Union.

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