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CEE students bolster composting efforts on campus

CEE Alumna Olivia Marshall helps bring the the zero waste program to north campus.| Short Read

During the fall 2014 semester, CEE Alumna Olivia Marshall and the Student Sustainability Initiative continued the zero waste program with one change: making it more accessible to north campus.

The zero waste program provides any student group with compostable materials (plates, cups, silverware) to use during their events. Starting in September 2014, there is now a disposal bin specific for compost on north campus (at the EECS building) and an easier way to obtain the compostable materials.

“We appreciate the support from ASCE and Chi Epsilon in using this program and composting during their regular meetings,” Marshall says. “If you are interested in taking advantage of this program with your student group, please contact Monica Walker at”

Marshall recently wrote an article for the University’s Planet Blue website about composting on campus. To read the article, visit

Since Marshall’s graduation in fall 2014, CEE Student Monica Walker has taken over her position as a board member with the Student Sustainability Initiative.

EnlargeOlivia Marshal
IMAGE:  Olivia Marshall
EnlargeMonica Walker
IMAGE:  Monica Walker
Olivia Marshal
Monica Walker
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