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Shayna Simon – From intern to full-time, making company experience matter

Shayna recently accepted a job offer at General Motors, and will dive into a position in infotainment there after school.| Short Read
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Shayna Simon has been busy. A Michigan native from West Bloomfield and a senior in Electrical Engineering, she’s already taken huge steps to getting her career on track after graduation.

Shayna recently accepted a job offer at General Motors, and will dive into a position in infotainment there after school. She’ll be working on a team serving as a bridge between software and hardware development.

This job offer follows Shayna’s three internships with the company. Her time there got her noticed by Lady Paragons, a site that spotlights high-achieving women.

She was recently featured on the site as part of their Women in STEM podcast episodes. In the interview, she discusses her work with GM and her schooling, from details on each of her intern projects to her story of switching majors.

Her work with GM was varied, including both hardware and app development. She got to be part of showcasing a 4G-equipped Chevy Volt, developing an interactive compass for OnStar, and building a PCB for ethernet testing.

Shayna began her studies as a Computer Engineer, but opted to switch to Electrical halfway through to better suit her interests. She’s looking forward to her Major Design Experience course, which will be EECS 425 (Integrated Microsystems Laboratory). It’s a class held in the world-class Lurie Nanofabrication Facility. Though the class doesn’t relate directly to her pending job, she’s sure she’ll enjoy being in the cleanroom and learning a new skill.

Apart from her studies, Shayna is a longtime dancer, trained in classical ballet. She was involved in Cadence Modern Dance group and the Ballroom Dance Team at the University. While her dancing pursuits are on hold at the moment, she’ll have plenty to keep her busy as she wraps up her last year and prepares for life at GM.

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