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Professor Canale publishes two papers in Aquaculture

Professor Emeritus Ray Canale recently published two papers in Aquaculture, an international journal for the exploration, improvement and management of all freshwater and marine food resources.| Short Read

Aquaculture publishes novel and innovative research of world-wide interest on farming of aquatic organisms, which includes finfish, mollusks, crustaceans and aquatic plants for human consumption. Aquaculture only publishes papers with a clear relevance to improving aquaculture practices or a potential application.

Canale’s papers are titled, “Modeling Juvenile Salmonid Hatchery Growth Using a Local Equilibrium Assumption and Measured Water Fraction to Parameterize Fish Energy Density” and “Validation of a bio-energetic model for juvenile salmonids using growth data from a production-scale feeding study.”

To read the papers, please click on the PDFs below.

Modeling Juvenile Salmonid Hatchery…

Validation of a bio-energetic model…

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