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Prof Kerkez part of new project to predict urban water flow

Assistant Professor Branko Kerkez is part of a team that has been awarded a four-year NSF grant to improve the sustainability of large urban areas.| Short Read

The researchers will integrate data from advanced weather radar systems, innovative wireless sensors and crowdsourcing of data via cell phone applications to create high-resolution modeling of urban water systems.

The resulting urban water prediction system will use cloud computing to produce a suite of products for flash flood forecasting, inundation mapping, water quality forecasting, storm water management, urbanization impact assessment, climate change impact assessment and adaptation, and other applications. The project also will eventually aid local governments in determining infrastructure needs to minimize flooding.

The team is led by University of Texas at Arlington Associate Professor D.J. Seo.

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  • Branko Kerkez

    Branko Kerkez

    Assistant Professor of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

A simulation of the landing .

Sticking the landing on Mars: High-powered computing aims to reduce guesswork

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