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Graduate Student M. Chase Dwelle earns Dow Fellowship

Graduate Student M. Chase Dwelle earned a Dow Doctoral Sustainability Fellowship, which supports students who are committed to finding interdisciplinary, actionable and meaningful sustainability solutions on local-to-global scales.| Short Read
EnlargeM. Chase Dwelle
IMAGE:  M. Chase Dwelle

In addition to receiving funding, Dow fellows participate in a series of cohort-building activities designed to expand individual understanding and effectiveness through regular engagement across a wide range of disciplinary perspectives.

Associate Professor Valeriy Ivanov is Dwelle’s advisor. Dwelle conducts research in HYRDOWIT group, which is interested in everything from classical problems of surface-subsurface water hydrology to contemporary questions in the field of ecohydrology. Dwelle focuses on hydrology and hydraulics. His proposal is entitled, “Agricultural sustainability in the face of climate change: a holistic, physically-based assessment within an uncertainty framework.”

Photo: M. Chase Dwelle

M. Chase Dwelle
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