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Professor McCormick named Outstanding Student Organization Advisor

Assistant Professor Jason McCormick has been named the 2014 Outstanding Student Organization Advisor for Michigan Engineering.| Short Read

The Steel Bridge Team nominated him for his service as team advisor. The selection committee agreed with the student’s praise of his role in supporting the organization and the individual students.

“We know he cares because he is there whenever we need him and is prepared for ‘How’s it going?’ turning into a long conversation,” wrote Undergraduate Student Gojko Max Kilibarda, the Vice President of the Steel Bridge Team.

“He not only encourages students to challenge themselves technically, but also pushes their own boundaries as leaders and decision makers,” Graduate Student Matt Hartigan wrote.

“He still allowed me to make the kind of mistakes that help a student learn what is a good idea, and what may not be such a good idea. This quality in Dr. McCormick to enable students to learn on their own while still lending them help they may need is a rare and unique quality,” Undergraduate Student Bryan Smith wrote.

In honor of his award, McCormick and his nominators are invited to the 2014 Leaders and Honors brunch.

The outside of the Ford Robotics building

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