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Professor Jeffers awarded for Excellence in Communication of Fire Protection Concepts

Assistant Professor Ann Jeffers and co-authors Qianru Guo, Kaihang Shi and Zili Jia earned the 2014 Harry C. Bigglestone Award for Excellence in Communication of Fire Protection Concepts for their paper, “Probabilistic Evaluation of Structural Fire Resistance.”| Short Read

The award is presented annually to the authors of the most outstanding paper submitted to Fire Technology during the previous calendar year. Their paper appeared in the Third Quarter 2013 issue of Fire Technology.

Jeffers received an award letter from the Fire Protection Research Foundation, National Fire Protection Association, and Fire Technology. The later states Jeffers’ paper is “pioneering, and has the potential to change the way structural fire design is done. It shows for the first time the full power of the probabilistic approach to evaluate the fire resistance of a structure given the uncertainties of key fire and structural parameters.”

“The paper is a boost for structural reliability of fire protection and will help to close the gap with more mature structural hazard calculations such as wind and earthquake where the probabilistic evaluation is already in use,” the letter continues.

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