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New video: complex steel structures in virtual reality

A new video produced by the U-M 3D Lab explains the work Professors Sherif El-Tawil and Jason McCormick are doing to explore complex spatial arrangements and deformations in virtual reality.| Short Read

This research is supported by NSF and the Transforming Learning for a Third Century (TLTC) grant, which is intended to develop innovative, multi-disciplinary approaches to teaching and scholarship at U-M.

El-Tawil and McCormick are working to develop a virtual reality environment to help structural engineering and other engineering and science students gain an appreciation for complex spatial arrangements. This project has three objectives:

1) Develop a virtual reality environment for displaying complex spatial arrangements and facilitating navigation through it.

2) Develop models for the steel sculpture and other teaching aids for structural engineering. Deploy the models in the CEE 413 Steel Design class.

3) Consider extensions of the model for other disciplines.

To watch the video, please click the box below.

person holding up sensors

Sensor technology aims to help US cities extend the life of aging pipelines

Transformative pilot project in Detroit could help cities across U.S. deal with overdue pipeline upgrades. | Medium Read