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Environmental Workshop at Xplore Engineering

On Friday, August 9, U-M alumni brought their children and grandchildren to North Campus to explore engineering.| Short Read
EnlargeXplore Engineering 2013
IMAGE:  Xplore Engineering 2013

The Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) program group hosted the “Can bacteria actually be good?” workshop.

Participants learned about where bacteria can be found and how it makes the world a cleaner and healthier place. Then they enjoyed fun experiments, such as building sand filters for pond water, adding bacteria with ice nucleation proteins to cooled water to see the instantaneous freezing of the water (shown in the photo below) and observing live cultures from yogurt under a microscope.

EWRE graduate students Nadine Kotlarz and Antone Jain partnered with Dishari Mukherjee from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology to host the workshop. They were assisted by fellow EWRE grad students Xunchang Fei, Adam Smith and Byron Smith.

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Xplore Engineering 2013
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