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Research in production systems engineering is recognized with Best Paper Award

"The paper introduces a new management paradigm: ensure the desired lead time while maximizing the throughput."| Short Read
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Prof. Semyon Meerkov and postdoctoral researcher Dr. Chao-Bo Yan received a Best Paper Prize for the paper, “Production Lead Time Problem: Formulation and Solution for Bernoulli Serial Lines,” presented at the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) Conference on Manufacturing Modeling, Management and Control, held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 19-21, 2013.

“Production systems are often managed to maximize their throughput, explained Prof. Meerkov. “In many cases, this leads to a long production lead time, which is detrimental from many engineering and economic points of view.”

“The paper introduces a new management paradigm: ensure the desired lead time while maximizing the throughput. A solution of this conditional optimization problem is provided for serial lines with Bernoulli machines, and a method for implementing this solution in open and closed loop environments is outlined.”

Prof. Meerkov conducts research in Systems and Control, Production Systems Engineering, Communication Networks, Rational Behavior and Resilient Control Systems. He co-authored the books Production Systems Engineering and Quasilinear Control: Performance Analysis and Design of Feedback Systems with Nonlinear Sensors and Actuators.

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