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CEE graduate leads clean water project in Brazil

The Pantanal Partnership team will be conducting workshops for students in Brazil on water purity and building a biosand water filter.| Short Read

Recent CEE graduate Greg Ewing is the co-leader of the Pantanal Partnership, a group that works to bring knowledge about clean drinking water to rural Brazil.

This summer the Pantanal Partnership team is conducting workshops in the cities of Cangas, Chumbo and Sao Bento, during which they will be teaching about water purity and building a biosand water filter with the young workshop students.

“This is an engineering project with extremely social goals,” said Ewing. “I think, in general, that we should be advocating more of the social engineering aspect.”

The team’s hope is that the students who are educated in the workshops will help educate their family and community about the water issues prevalent in the area, and that better water sanitation will help alleviate a number of serious diseases that plague the area.

To learn more and see photos, click here.

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