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Professor Peter Adriaens’ team’s new book

Professor Peter Adriaens is a faculty advisor for a group of Erb Institute MBA/MS students. His team won the 2012 Erb Opus Project Competition.| Short Read

The team’s project, Scaling Up Payments for Watershed Services, has been published as part of their competition prize. The book contains an introduction from Adriaens.

Adriaens says the focus of the project was to figure out how to price and scale the service watersheds provide so cities can make economically sensible comparisons between the cost of water treatment facilities versus markets for watershed services to treat water naturally.

The team applied their methodology to a watershed case in Portland, Maine, and validated the process using eight watershed markets across the country.

The book is available on

The outside of the Ford Robotics building

U-Michigan, Ford open world-class robotics complex

The facility will accelerate the future of advanced and more equitable robotics and mobility | Medium Read