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Solomon receives Outstanding Achievement Award

Michael J. Solomon was presented with the Chemical Engineering Department's Outstanding Achievement Award for 2013.| Short Read

Michael J. Solomon was presented with the Chemical Engineering Department’s Outstanding Achievement Award for 2013.  Solomon has consistently been one of the top performers in the Department.  He has been recognized with numerous awards including a 1938E Award from the College, a Henry Russel Award from the University, and a Soft Matter Lectureship from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Journal of Soft Matter.  He has excelled equally in research and teaching, and this past year he was promoted to Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Initiatives at Rackham.

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Sandy Swisher
Communications & Alumni Relations Coordinator

Chemical Engineering

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BepiColombo approaching Mercury. Credit: European Space Agency

U-M researchers to help unravel Mercury, solar system mysteries

In ESA's BepiColombo mission, an examination of the particles in Mercury's upper atmosphere will shed light on what the planet is made of. | Medium Read