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Avery Demond selected for Sarah Goddard Power Award

Avery Demond was selected for a 2013 Sarah Goddard Power award| Short Read

The award, established by the Academic Women’s Caucus in memory of Sarah Goddard Power, a former regent who was a strong advocate for women within the university, is presented to distinguished faculty and senior administrative staff (including instructors, lecturers, primary researchers, librarians and curators) affiliated with the university, based on their contribution to the betterment of women through scholarship, leadership and service. The award will be presented at a reception held Wednesday, February 13, 2013, at the Michigan League. Please join us in congratulating Professor Demond on this honor.

Jessica Petras


Jessica Petras
Marketing Communications Specialist

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

(734) 764-9876

GG Brown 2105E

Cells under a microscope

Speedy “slingshot” cell movement observed for the first time

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