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Jerry Lynch selected to receive Leonardo da Vinci award

Jerry Lynch has been selected to receive the ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) Leonardo da Vinci award, one of the most prestigious awards handed out by EMI.| Short Read

The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding young investigators early in their careers for promising ground-breaking developments in the field of Engineering Mechanics and Mechanical Sciences as relevant to Civil Engineering. As stated in the announcement letter, Professor Lynch was chosen “for his outstanding and novel contributions to civil engineering in the multidisciplinary research field of wireless embedded sensing systems and associated data analysis software needed to implement Structural Health Monitoring methodologies.” The award will be presented on Tuesday, June 19th at the Awards Banquet of the EMI/PMC 2012 conference to be held at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

A simulation of the landing .

Sticking the landing on Mars: High-powered computing aims to reduce guesswork

As the Mars 2020 launch approaches, a separate effort is using simulations to understand landing dynamics for tomorrow's missions. | Medium Read