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Jongho Kim Awarded Outstanding Student Paper Award by AGU

Jongho Kim, a Ph.D. candidate who is working with Professors Valeriy Ivanov and Nikolaos Katopodes was awarded an “Outstanding Student Paper Award” by the American Geophysical Union (AGU).| Short Read

The poster titled, “Effects of climate change and hydrological signals on streamflow characteristics” was presented at the Fall 2010 National meeting in San Francisco. This is a prestigious award by AGU. Jongho and other awardees will be shortly announced in the AGU Transactions, Eos.

Jay Guo holds a sheet of flexible transparent conductor on the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering North Campus. The material sandwiches a thin layer of silver between two “dielectric” materials, aluminum oxide and zinc oxide, producing a conductive anti-reflection coating on the sheet of plastic.

Making plastic more transparent while also adding electrical conductivity

Michigan Engineers change the game by making a conductive coating that’s also anti-reflective. | Medium Read