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Mark Brehob elected as HKN Professor of the Year

Not only is Brehob an excellent educator, he is also a fantastic Undergrad Chief Program Advisor for CE, where he advises students on program needs.| Short Read
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Dr. Mark Brehob has received the HKN Professor of the Year Award for 2008-09. The award was presented on April 20 at the EECS Department’s St. George’s Feast, an annual event at which EECS faculty serve lunch to the EECS students.

Paul Hou, HKN President, presented the award. Paul noted that in addition to being a great teacher, Dr. Brehob is also a fantastic Undergrad Chief Program Advisor for CE, where he connects well with students as he works to advise them on their program needs.

Dr. Brehob receives the award from HKN President Paul Hou, EECS Co-Chairs Farnam Jahanian and Khalil Najafi, and HKN Officers at St. George’s Feast

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