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MDOT recently spotlighted research by Professor Victor Li

Professor Victor Li's research was recently highlighted by Michigan DOT.| Short Read

Michigan DOT’s Office of Research and Best Practices (ORBP) makes sure that promising new practices will actually work, putting them through their paces in the lab and in the field—and making improvements as needed. This research effort involved a multiphase process of testing engineered cementitious composite (ECC) as a replacement for traditional joints on bridge decks.

For bridges constructed of a series of deck spans, the finishing of the interior gaps between the decks requires special attention. The traditional method of accommodating fixedend deck terminations is to install mechanical joints between the decks. However, after several years of punishment from traffic and the elements, these joints can deteriorate and allow water, dirt and debris into the substructure of the bridge. The resulting corrosive damage to the steel and concrete structural components can mean expensive repairs that interrupt traffic and can also lead to premature replacement.
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  • Victor Li

    Victor Li

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